1.2 million

Children are trafficked
every year (UNICEF, 2003)

2/3 of the victims

Are women forced into
commercial sex
(UNODC, 2009)

14 years old

Is the average age of
a trafficked victim
(A21 Campaign)

31.6 billion

Is the total market value of
sex trafficking (Geneva,
International Labour
Office, 2006)

Music can make you happy or sad. It can make you dance with joy or shout at the world. It has no language, no age and no cultural barriers. Music is a reflection of the human spirit, bringing us together and giving our voices strength.

We have collaborated with some of Singapore’s most talented singers and songwriters to bring you a collection of music. We hope that they will inspire you to help us spread the word about our struggle against sex trafficking.

Please enjoy these tracks, share them with your friends and encourage them to join our cause.

If you're a musician, a singer, or a song writer and would like to contribute a song to help support our cause against sex trafficking, click here.

Together we can make a difference.

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