1.2 million

Children are trafficked
every year (UNICEF, 2003)

2/3 of the victims

Are women forced into
commercial sex
(UNODC, 2009)

14 years old

Is the average age of
a trafficked victim
(A21 Campaign)

31.6 billion

Is the total market value of
sex trafficking (Geneva,
International Labour
Office, 2006)

In many parts of Asia, young women or even children below the age of 18 find themselves the victims of sex trafficking where they are repeatedly coerced into performing commercial sex acts. They are often tricked into situations of sex trafficking by:

  A promise of a good job in another country
  A false marriage proposal turned into a bondage situation
  Being sold into the sex trade with the help of parents, relatives and friends
  Being kidnapped by traffickers

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