1.2 million

Children are trafficked
every year (UNICEF, 2003)

2/3 of the victims

Are women forced into
commercial sex
(UNODC, 2009)

14 years old

Is the average age of
a trafficked victim
(A21 Campaign)

31.6 billion

Is the total market value of
sex trafficking (Geneva,
International Labour
Office, 2006)

Why shoud you care

As an integral part of human trafficking - the third largest crime in the world, sex trafficking of women and children is on the rise as a major problem in the world today. It’s time for us to take a stand on behalf of the millions of women and children who are at risk. We ask you to sign on as a supporter and strike a blow against this crime against humanity. If this appeal strikes a chord in you, just sound out your support right here!