1.2 million

Children are trafficked
every year (UNICEF, 2003)

2/3 of the victims

Are women forced into
commercial sex
(UNODC, 2009)

14 years old

Is the average age of
a trafficked victim
(A21 Campaign)

31.6 billion

Is the total market value of
sex trafficking (Geneva,
International Labour
Office, 2006)

We welcome your support! If you would like to compose and record a song for our cause we will support your music here! Songs need to be reflective of the problems that face the millions of young women and children being trafficked around the world every year.

The songs can be in any genre and language. For participating musicians or bands, we will also promote you as a musician and cause advocate on our website and our Facebook Page.

Send your song to us with the lyrics attached and we will post them to our site. Our aim is to produce an album with a selection of the most popular songs on it.

You will have full credit for the use of your songs on this site and our Facebook Page based on the Creative Commons license. Your song and all rights to pertaining to it remain your property.

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